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Is your bamboo fence looking tired? What about that lovely bamboo patio set? This is the time of year to look it over and fix it up. Sunshine and rain tend to weather bamboo making it look old and tired. Once you tackle it your bamboo will come back looking like new.

Firstly clear away all debris from your fence and check it over. Did you find discolouration? Well worry not, read through these cleaning tips to see if they can be brought back to life:

Firstly you need: 

  • warm water
  • detergent (laundry detergent will do)
  • possibly some bleach
  • a power hose or a medium nylon brush for scrubbing

And the work begins:

  • Power hose your bamboo with warm water and a little detergent mix. We recommend using a liquid laundry detergent at about a 1part detergent to 10 parts water
  • To manually wash: mix detergent 1 part to 10 parts water also and use a medium bristle brush.
  • Always wash out of direct sunlight, though that's hardly a problem in Ireland at the minute :D
  • If you have mildew on your bamboo you might want to add a bleach product to kill off the micro-organisms. We recommend adding about 2 parts bleach to the mix for this.
  • If the mildew is deep into the bamboo you can sand it lightly, but remember you can ONLY SAND bamboo when it it DRY. Sanding wet bamboo will shred the fibres!
  • Rinse down your bamboo after cleaning
  • Allow to fully dry
  • Apply a good oil or wax to seal up your bamboo
  • You now have a brand new looking fence or patio set 

Remember to store your bamboo furniture out of the winter weather as much as possible. Your fencing will be fine as it is not moved around as much, so it won't be susceptible to the knocks tables and chairs tend to get. Just make sure to keep leaf and or garden debris from collecting at the fence as it may encourage mildew and keep the bamboo damp.

Naturally you can contact us at any stage for further advice if necessary.

- Karen

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