Bamboo Flooring


MOSO Bamboo Forest is the most authentic bamboo floor imaginable. For this unique product the bamboo stem is flattened with a special process to create 

the top layer of a three layer solid bamboo floor board. The result is a very robust floor with the natural beauty and original look of the bamboo plant.

The surface of the floor consists of the stony bark of the bamboo stem, which is so hard and wear resistant that no oil or lacquer finish is required


Moso strand woven bamboo flooring is made from bamboo fibers which are woven together to form a denser material. It's vivid beauty gives an original look

to any floor made of it. Strand woven bamboo is an extremely strong and durable product that shares similar aesthetics to wood due to its varied grain appearance

and makes for a very stable product. This stability makes it a universal product that can be installed over all types of subfloors


Moso bamboo flooring is also available in a narrow and wide strip finish, this is where strips of planed bamboo is laid horizontally to give the

bamboo flooring a narrow or wider grain so the strips of bamboo are less or more evident, equally resulting in a hardness to that of an oak flooring.

Available in both natural or carbonized there are many different finishes available 


Please follow this link for full ranges of bamboo flooring available to you

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